Designer, creative thought-partner to a subject matter expert.
Project Description: 
I joined startup advisor Crystal Widjaja just over a month before her new Reforge course, Product Analytics, was due to launch.
Working from text, screenshots, sketches, Google spreadsheets, and other artifacts, I produced polished, clear visuals, slides, and other artifacts that aligned with the Reforge brand identity while maintaining visual consistency and user experience in mind. 

Working with Idit directly contributed to the successful launch of my Product Analytics course. With the launch date looming, Idit’s creativity and professionalism were exactly what I needed to launch a polished course.
She hit the ground running and required minimal direction, creating stellar visuals on complex topics quickly and efficiently. She made slides, charts, slide decks, and other visuals that made even long lines of code and complicated charts clear and polished.
Her timely and efficient contributions were instrumental in keeping me on track to meet the launch deadline. I felt more at ease knowing I wouldn’t have to spend my valuable time figuring out how to create the visuals I needed. Instead, I could focus on refining and validating the content I was developing.
As someone who doesn't know Figma very well, Idit set the entire project up in a user-friendly way so that I could independently make edits and build off a great framework!

Crystal Widjaja, 
Advisor to Scale AI, Ab InBev, and Naked Wines, Reforge Partner

Examples of my design work on Reforge's Product Analytics course.

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