👋 Hi, I'm Idit, a Washington, DC-based multidisciplinary creative. I'm a designer,  content strategist, and lifelong learner with the meandering professional experience to prove it. 
My best work often involves taking complex or disorganized ideas and turning them into elegant, easy-to-follow stories through visuals, multimedia, and text. 
I've been doing this work for about a decade now, since graduating from American University with an MA in digital storytelling and journalism. 
I've worked on content in different industries, including news, nonprofits, digital agencies, government, and tech. 
These days, I focus on creating websites, visual identities, and online courses for experts. If you're a consultant, speaker, coach, course creator, or otherwise in the business of sharing your expertise with your audience and need a multi-skilled creative to make your work stand out and make a difference, I'd love to hear from you!👇
Thank you! I'll be in touch shortly.