As a senior content designer at Reforge, I get to work with some of the brightest minds in tech. 
Alongside a remarkable group of writers and strategists, I bring complex ideas and concepts to life through visuals. The visuals I create are often turned into educational video content for Reforge's members. Other times, they run along with blog posts, such as the one excerpted below. 
When and how to take big swings
Growth teams are frequently misperceived as optimization squads who run experiments to increase product or marketing KPIs.
In reality, the best growth teams are like the best baseball teams. They know when to bunt, when to hit a single, and when to swing big for a home run.
Unfortunately, most growth teams get stuck in reactivity. They miss the moment when a big swing is critically necessary and end up:
Overly focused on one type of swing (usually the optimization bunt)
Attempting the wrong swings at the wrong moment, and striking out
On the defensive, reacting to the whims of changing strategies
A selection of the visuals I've created for this blog post
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